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New! Check out our sister site at for lens hoods optimized for digital SLRs with 1.5x and 1.6x crop sensors.

A petal lens hood

We really didn't expect this site to be as popular as it has turned out. Indeed, we thought many people would consider it to be rather gimmicky or a joke. To our surprise, many of you have found this site to be genuinely useful and innovative - thanks!

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p.s. it actually works.

Wow, that is dedication. A whole site devoted to free lens hood PDFs. What a trip. Gotta make a couple :)

Who the hell buys a 600mm f4 and don't put down the extra bucks to get a plastic hood?

Pretty damn cool..make your own lens hoods!

Neat idea.  Thanks for posting it!

Utrolig men sant! Her kan du laste ned solblender til nesten hva det skal være av objektiver. Helt gratis!!!

Dzieki za linka! , mozna potestowac tanio zamienniki do cropa

haha Great stuff!

Wah! Impressive!!

woot! not bad, I gonna try these. Always wanted a hood for my 28-105

muuaaaaahhhhhaaaa .... they have lens hoods for just abt all the popular lenses from all makes...

No Minolta? :-(

These DIY hoods are the cheap alternatives to the originals.

Cool! What lens hood should have been!

Fantastiskt Påskpyssel!

This is just brilliant, printable cutout lens hoods...

Just what it says.

print and cut lens hoods...very cool

Probably not very good in the rain, but in a pinch how about a paper lens hood?

If you don't want to pay $30 for a piece of plastic that they call a lens hood, download these and make your own. A heck of a lot cheaper.

This is a wonderful idea, and best of all, it's all free! Cardboard lens hoods work just as well as metal or plastic for shading, with the advantage that they are a lot easier to store (just fold flat).

ha! this is great... perhaps I'll try it out with my 50mm/1.8 which lacks a lens hood <- oh man that's cool

Save money, easy to customise (maybe with flames like Setzler?)!

Thats Frikin' Cool!

That is a great idea!

wow really cool

I'm not from the US so I cant use many of the online sites for purchases

Actually a darn cool idea

you might want to pick up some dark card stock, so you don’t look like a tool.

Create your own lens hood for most popular lenses without spending $30-$50.

Hey, if it works and you have three for each lens all ready to go in your gear bag, barely taking up any space, why the hell not? I suppose for some people it doesn't look professional enough. "Image is everything, eh" :-D

Looks chintzy, but it'll serve it's purpose. Talk about low-budget!

Cool site, disposable lens hoods for free.

God! where were you this summer?
So much flaring on alot of my photos.

How cool is this? You Brits are very clever...thanks!

I just printed/cut one out and it fits for the 50-200. In a pinch it should work. By the way, I got mine in white..;-)

Great idea. When I hike in the bitter cold weather, to fit my Canon under my coat, I have to take the hood off and put it in a front coat pocket and it's really too big. This could work great.

Color coordinated lens hoods and one for every season. Now that's an idea... :)

Go & buy one yer tight sod:-)

OK, so where's the website for cutout D200's, 18-200VR's, etc?

Thanks! Thought about it for a while, but never got to doing it. Your tips saves me time! Will use good paper or plastic so it will last longer:-)

Bookmarked it!

Great idea!

That's great - I've been looking for a hood for my Tokina 19-35 for ages, and now I've got two (one petal, one round) for free!

This is so cool. This website has lens hoods designed for exact lenses! It caters to both my Olympus (saw DZ50 macro hood) and my Pentax (hood for the pancake lens). You have a choice of round or petal shape. You print the hood and then cut it out. If you want, you can even transfer the design to plastic. These hoods are designed for each lens and manufacturer.

One of my colleagues is after a lens hood for one of his Nikon DSLR lenses. He found this, which is a brilliant idea.

There is one problem. I printed out one for the Canon 85mm 1.2L II. The problem is that I do not own a Canon camera or the 85mm lens to go with it. So now I have to go out and buy a 1Ds MKII + 85mm 1.2L II. And you thought you were saving us money =) See what your "making" me do?

This is definitely an interesting link. I'd never would thought of creating a lens hood out of cardstock. This is great, I've been contemplating whether I should spend money on the hood for my Canon macro lens. At least now there's alternative solution to my problem.

I'm off to make an EOS 5D copy using only an empty cornflakes packet, a plastic bottle and a roll of double sided sticky tape.

wow - i've been scouring eBay for 3rd party hoods recently for my lenses - this is a great alternative though. I just cannot believe the price they charge for such a simple piece of plastic with no moving parts and no specialist engineering - that's got to be the worst example of profiteering i've ever seen.

Nice one, very useful. Thanks.

That is a truly awesome website.

I hope he makes enough to keep it running, it's a superb idea.

This is a very nice resource, considering Canon hoods cost ~$40 USD or something like that. They don't include hoods for non-L lenses. And of course, a hood is a very useful accessory... just not at $40!!

This is actually pretty cool. The things people do with their free time :-)

Yes it's true, you can get a lens hood for the cost of a piece of card, a small amount of ink and a small piece of sellotape / couple of drops of glue.
Fully disposable

Somebody went through a lot of trouble doing that but an innovative idea I must say.

Brilliant.. especially for those of us who are too cheap to pay for hoods

Haha, that's so cool!

Could save you some bucks if you're super frugal.

I think it is a great site and many of you would find it really useful.  All you do is print it out and it is nice and light and portable.

That's a pretty nifty idea that!

If you have recently lost your lens hood or haven't saved enough yet to buy the lens hood you've been wanting, well here is a sure-fire solution you can get that is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

try here, if you want to make your own lens hoods.

they work very well :-)

Pretty great idea, really. They may look a little silly in the field, but they're probably pretty great for using elsewhere.

All you need for completion is an L-Series rubber band or a piece of PVC tape - red, of course - to secure the tabs around the lens. ;-)

I love it!

Thanks for that one, the site provides really good info.

Wow, what a week it has been for the thrifty ones, first home made 200mm pin hole lenses and now hoods to go with them.

Very cool link. I'm going to give some of those a try.

i am definitely going to make one for my 50mm this weekend.

free and works just need to work on my blue peter skils at cutting and sticking

This is REALLY cool, talk about a way to carry Long Lens hoods easily, heck, you can make several as "throw-aways'. I think I'd print on regular paper which I would then tape to some heavy black card stock to cut for the hood. Can't beat the price

that is great. I love innovation :>)))))))

Excellent Idea! Now why didn't I think of that ? :-(

All brands just print them out. I like because they can be stored flat in the bag.

This is one way cool site that contains printable designs for lens hoods for a very large number of lenses. What a great idea!

Thought it was a joke to begin with, but no.. deadly serious :-)

that's a neat idea

Gah, I paid £30 for my 28-135 IS hood!!!

A bargain at the price!

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